ఎందరో మహానుభావులు... అందరికి వందనములు...

My father is one of the people who emerged from this sentence.  My parents not only

gave birth to me but also taught me how to live and how to make others live.

They also told me that if we eat we can fulfill our tummy but, if we notice the

hunger of a person and feed him then we can feel the happiness and fulfillment

of our heart.

 In my family, we are four girls. My mother gave me birth on 18th May 1978. My father never thought that he gave birth to 4 girl children and we would become an additional burden to him. He always felt that we would become his successors. He always taught us morals with good stories and also made us learn his business.

My father used to do seeds business. He has to go to nearby villages to sell those seeds and he used to take me with him so that I can learn and observe his business. My father used to know the problems of every farmer and tried to solve them and always be the helping hand to them. After observing his helping nature and attitude I have decided to help others

when I grew up. My father has inculcated those beliefs in me with his helping

nature. My parents, Therla Narasimha  Murthy, Therla Sujathamma has bought us up with great freedom values. They always taught us good sayings like

దయగల హృదయం మే భగవాన్ నిలయం

మానవ సేవయే మాధవ సేవా.. పరోపకారం ఇదం శరీరం

 I was reborn with the blessings of Lord Sainadha. I have completed my education at Srikalahasti, Chittoor district. I was born there and was indebted to my birthplace. When I was in my 10th class, accidentally I fell down from the third floor of my school building. Everyone over there felt that I was no more. But, by god’s grace and the blessings of Lord Sainadha I'm alive. He gave me an opportunity to live and to serve the people. I'm trying my level best to fulfill my duty to serve others.

 I was married to Yerram Bhaskar garu on 24th of October 1999. He never insisted to stop serving and moreover, supported me to continue the service. My in-laws and my children are equally supportive. My father in law Yerram Nagabhushan garu was expired and my mother law Yerram Saraswathamma garu is of great support to me. My children, Yerram Manikanta, Yerram Abhiram.

 I have started Sri Sai Santhi Sahaya Samithi in 2015 October. The encouragement that I have received to begin this Seva Samithi is Lord sainadha who gave me rebirth and my godfather Siripuram Prakash garu who is being a great support to me. Hope I continue my journey with everyone's support and blessings.

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